October 08 - 11, 2015


We've reached a milestone! The Dayton LGBT Film Festival is now 10 Years Old! Many thanks to everyone who has helped to make this such an ever-growing, successful event. We've got an incredible slate of new films and great entertainment for you this year. The films range from insightful, challenging and thought-provoking pieces to hysterical and quotable material. Whereas each film focuses on themes and subjects of interest to members of the LGBT community, we encourage and welcome the community-at-large to join us in exploring this year's wonderful selections.

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Fourth Man


Just like his pals, twenty-something auto mechanic Adam enjoys beer, hockey and inappropriate bodily functions. But Adam also likes guys. A hilarious mash-up of man-child and coming-out comedies, FOURTH MAN OUT examines a small-town, blue-collar guy who lets his friends know he's gay - and what happens when they try to help him find a boyfriend. This bawdy comedy features Chord Overstreet ("Glee") and Kate Flannery ("The Office").

Directed by Andrew Nackman



David Gold, 36, a pathologically immature former child actor, has never been able to get over high school.  Recently diagnosed with skin cancer, unemployed and with nothing left to lose, he fakes his resume and gets a job as a high school guidance counselor. Quickly winning over the students at Grusin High with his laid-back attitude and similar interests, he befriends Jabrielle, a teenaged outcast and soon learns that sometimes you can go too far.

Directed by Pat Mills

Trevor recalls a photo taken with his father while he was younger and attempts to try again years later.

Directed by Trevor Anderson.



This year's Opening Night Party will be at Gilly's, and will feature a performance from zany chanteuse Hedda Lettuce! As always, the party is free for guests of our opening night film (GUIDANCE) -- just bring your ticket stub!

General admission is $5. Gilly's is at 132 S Jefferson St.

Top Drawer Shorts


AGE OF INSECURITY: BED BUDS After a night out, two buds talk where they're most comfortable – in bed.

Directed by Adriano Valentini

IN THE HOLLOW In May 1988, girlfriends Claudia Brenner and Rebecca Wight were attacked while hiking the Appalachian Trail. This docu-narrative recounts the crime and follows Brenner as she returns to the scene of the crime.

Directed by Austin Bunn

11 LIFE LESSONS FROM AN AWESOME OLD DYKE Dorothy Fairbairn, a tough-as- nails butch who kicked ass and took names, came out in the 1950's. She has some rules to live by.

Directed by Allison Khoury

TRÉMULO A young barbershop assistant is smitten when he locks eyes with a new army recruit, who stops by for a trim before he must deploy.

Directed by Roberto Fiesco

MINI SUPREME Jeremie has a hard time being a grown-up. When his childish behavior gets him fired from his stuffy corporate job, he hatches a plan to use immaturity to his advantage.

Directed by Michael Phillis

STEVIE Stevie, a small-town tomboy, experiences romance for the first time when an attractive brother and sister move in nearby.

Directed by Chloe Jury-Fogel

HOLE Billy is a middle-aged gay man with a severe physical disability. Battling loneliness and unquenchable desire, he has only his home health worker to turn to for help.

Directed by Martin Edralin

ZAY Zay Crawford felt trapped in a boy’s body at a young age. This is the story of one family’s journey to acceptance and understanding of their 12 year-old daughter.

Produced by Meg Vogel for The Cincinnati Enquirer

Mommie Dearest


Join famed cabaret star Hedda Lettuce for this special interactive screening of this campy, cult classic. In this biographical film, glamorous yet lonely star Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) takes in two orphans, and at first their unconventional family seems happy. But after Joan's attempts at romantic fulfillment go sour and she is fired from her contract with MGM studios, her callous and abusive behavior towards her daughter Christina becomes even more pronounced.

Directed by Frank Perry



Laila is a young romantic, a secret rebel in a wheelchair. Undeterred by cerebral palsy, she embarks on a journey of sexual discovery. Her exhilarating adventures cause a rift both within herself and with those she is closest to. Ultimately, it is in the intensity of these bonds that she finds the strength to be truly herself.

Directed by Shonali Bose & Nilesh Maniyar

Preceded by TOMGIRL
Jake, a lovable gender non-conforming seven year- old, invites us into his world to explore the transforming power that love and support can have when young children are accepted for who they really are.

Directed by Jeremy Asher Lych

Seed Money


With Falcon Studios, gay porn mogul Chuck Holmes built an empire on flesh and fantasy — the gay Hugh Hefner. From 1972 to 2000, Chuck fought the FBI, vice squads and an epidemic to document the emerging gay culture, and provide gay men across the country with a vision of life that was unashamed and celebratory. Chuck’s business brings him fortune beyond imagining, and powerful friends, but when he attempts to channel his millions into a gay rights movement of the 90s, he finds that his money is sometimes more welcome than he is.

Directed by Michael Stabile

Out To Win


This documentary serves as an overview and examination of the lives and careers of aspiring and professional gay and lesbian athletes from all over the world. Chronicling the present, and framed within the historical context of those that came before, this film highlights the experiences of athletes who have fought and struggled, both in and out of the closet. Featuring interviews with trailblazers including Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Brittney Griner, Billy Bean, and more.

Directed by Malcolm Ingram

Preceded by STELLA WALSH
Stella Walsh's popularity continued for decades after winning a gold medal in the 1932 Olympics, until she was killed in a robbery and it was discovered that her gender was ambiguous.

Directed by Rob Lucas

Eisenstein in Guanajuanto


In 1931, at the height of his artistic powers, Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein travels to Mexico to shoot a new film to be titled QUE VIVA MEXICO. Freshly rejected by Hollywood and under increasing pressure to return to Stalinist Russia, Eisenstein arrives at the city of Guanajuato. Chaperoned by his guide Palomino Cañedo, he vulnerably experiences the ties between Eros and Thanatos, sex and death, happy to create their effects in cinema, troubled to suffer them in life.

Directed by Peter Greenaway

Nasty Baby


A gay couple is trying to have a baby with their best friend (played by Kristen Wiig). Their plans are disrupted by growing harassment from a menacing neighborhood local known as 'The Bishop.’ As their clashes become increasingly aggressive, it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. This provocative dark comedy from Sundance has inspired both walkouts and high praise.

Directed by Sebastian Silva