In From the Side

As a “B Squad” of gay athletes tries to overcome inexperience and push past rivalries to score an elusive win, a secret affair simmers among them. This British drama is a deep dive into rugby—half macho battlefield, half tender brotherhood—but don’t sweat the rules (or “laws,” which even the sport’s fans find impenetrable): the real drama occurs off the field as infidelities, heartbreak, and unimpeded passions rule the day.

Nelly & Nadine

Ravensbrück concentration camp, Christmas Eve 1944: A female inmate is ordered to sing Christmas carols, when a voice calls out “Sing something from Madame Butterfly!” So begins the long-hidden, extraordinary love story of two prisoners from the Resistance: Nelly & Nadine. From the bowels of hell itself, their relationship blossoms and transforms into a deepening love. Now Nelly’s granddaughter Sylvie, keeper of the family archives and its secrets, delves into the past and uncovers a trove of writing, films, and photos that her family has ignored for decades.

Preceded by MONSIEUR LE BUTCH; dir Jude Dry; 12 min
When Jude ends up unexpectedly living at home in their 30s, they must deal with a lovingly opinionated Jewish mother who doesn’t quite get the whole “trans thing.”